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Non~Surgical Lipo

Non~surgical ultrasound LIPO (ultrasound cavitation) is a relatively new technique to reduce fat cells and eliminate sagging skin.  It works utilizing sonic waves that increase the pressure around the fat cells causing them to implode, releasing fat and toxins.  The fat cells are liquified and carried off to the lymphatic system and expelled through the urinary system over the next 72 hours. 

The procedure is safe for most individuals that show signs of aging or would like to improve problem areas without diet and excersice, or without the cost and recovery time of surgery.  The only restrictions are individuals that are pregnant or individuals that have a pacemaker.  The number of treatments vary with each individual.  It depends on how much they want to lose and how their body reacts to the procedure.    Treatments are usually 2 to 3 times per week and results are immediate.  Results have averaged between 2 to 5".  Results will continue to be seen even after the treatments are completed.  It is recommended that patients drink plenty of water for the next 72 hours for maximum results.

Non~surgical facelift

Sagging skin and face, along with wrinkles are commom problems associated with aging.  This is mainy due to decreasing of collagen production.  Radio frequency (RF) system is the most commonly used procedure to stimulate the collagen production and stregenthen the skin structure.  RF enables skin tightening and improvement of the skins appearance painlessly without post-op downtime.  RF is a non-invasive way of tightening the skin around the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw line, jowls, chin and neck.  This is a great way of reducing lines and wrinkles.  It also aides in improving skin tone and texture. 


1 session  $50
2 sessions  $80
4 sessions  $140
8 sessions  $240
Packages may be split between body parts

Gift certificates available